Rekey Locks

Rekeying the locks of your house or company can be proved a very useful service and it is definitely the specialty of our Locksmith in Scarborough. The task basically involves the changing of some parts of the lock instead of the entire lock and key change. This way, when you want a new key to open the existing lock in order to avoid bad surprises from previous tenants and others who may still hold on to your key, you can trust the knowledgeable crews of our company in Scarborough. We move fast, have the know how to rekey locks with speed and are punctual. We promise consistency, discretion, excellent services and professionalism.

Trust our courteous crews for lock rekeyingRekey Locks

There are many reasons why you should need to rekey the locks of your property. Let’s assume that one of your employees at work was dismissed and you want a new key for his private office for the new staff. Even if you have a master key system installed in the office, the technicians of our company will rekey the specific lock and hand you the new key. This service is quick, inexpensive and saves you the trouble of dealing with lockouts due to distorted or broken keys. We have the proper training and carry the best equipment in Ontario in order to finish the job fast but also by following the right procedures and methodical techniques.

24/7 key change experts

We have knowledge of all types of lock systems and that’s why rekeying locks is routine for our expert teams. If you need our assistance urgently, remember that Locksmith Scarborough can rekey locks in a short notice and it is at your service 24/7. Having the machinery to complete services fast we also promise immediate key replacement. Whether you are locked out or need to replace the key of your car, office or home for any reason, you just have to call our contractor for immediate assistance.

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